But I always loved OUR son...

Yes that's right.. but do we really understand what's going on? Does anyone realize that Kelly only hates Chad, because she couldn’t con an ex-con like Isaac? Did Isaac ride the grift thinking he'd get ahead?

Maybe yes, maybe no.. I really don't know because something happened. Did Isaac really fall in love with his reflexion? Why is that a problem?

  • My reflexion is 6 months and 6 days younger than me.. or just as reasonably, 6:6. Why is that a problem? Maybe I just wanted a peaceful marriage where I can argue with my wife and not have her walk out for an extended period of time.

Isaac is married to Mary, and they’re both Catholics, effectively but simply, Isaac understands a certain ringing in the ears... Isaac has a son who's 15-years-old, from another relationship with Kat life before he was a married Catholic, and Kelly has a son who's 15 years old from some technically unknown individual. My son has an 18-year-old sister, just the same as Kelly has an 18-year-old daughter but those are useless details. Because the details never CAUSE anyone to act like a child, but rather they’re used to manipulate and control the sheeple.

Isaac and Kat's son was put up for adoption by the CAS and adopted by some unknown individual, not necessarily named Kelly Anne Wolfe, the She Wolfe.

Synchronicity exists actually, but we're human so we have the Free Will to choose whether to recognize it, and if we recognize it as positive, we have the right to choose whether or not to validate it.

I recognize the beauty of our corollary. I'm choosing to acknowledge and confirm that I recognized the beauty of our synchronicity. And, I love you Grace and Travis. My ex had children named Anne and Noah.

  • NOTE: I'll populate this article more with our additional corollary..
    which is a significant mind-warp.

PS: I love you both.