St. Joseph's Life Care Leak

I was forwarded a message about St. Joseph's Life Care Brantford, Ontario that's quite disturbing. Several people that work there are alarmed at the rapid death rate after patients received their shots & know there is a cover up happening since it's not being reported. They want the public to know but are worried about reprocusions if they come forward. Can anyone help prove or disprove these claims
This is the original message:

  • "Spread this like wildfire but don't disclose your source. There is a massive cover up at St Joseph's LifeCare in Brantford (and I'm sure all the other facilities).
  • Not 1 resident died from Covid. Between February 2021 when the first round of vaccines was given and June after the second round of vaccines was given, 42 residents died. In the same timeframe in 2020 (in the height of covid) only 12 residents died which is the normal trend year over year. Most of the 42 deaths were not expected deaths. An expected death is closely monitored at these facilities and the ministry carefully monitors this to investigate unusual numbers such as what I just shared. An expected death means that it is highly anticipated that a resident will pass as the result of health status, illness, disease and age (basic life expectancy). As an RN who used to work there, this information is carefully monitored. So now you give a "vaccine" and the number of average deaths year over year jumps from 12 to 42 and nothing is being investigated???? Clearly the Ministry is involved in a cover up. I'm considering calling the police to probe an investigation. Family members need to know this and start asking questions"